Snarestone Parish Council

Serving the people of Snarestone

Clerk: Anna Makin
6 Oak Close, Measham
Swadlinsote, Derbyshire
DE12 7JY

Tel: 07519 835941



We're sitting here in lock down we've been waiting for the news

Tier three is where we're being put, despite the many views

But now's the time to show our grit to stand up tall and bold

To all join hands (if virtually) from the youngest to the old

Gird your loins, tighten your belts and then pull up your socks

Don't sit around, don't moan or groan don't even watch the clocks

Let's be positive and make the time, to check our neighbourhood

To see where we can contribute, do something kind or good

Find someone who just needs some help, who may be all alone

Someone who is too proud to ask, the type who never moan

Your contribution might be just a phone call or a letter

Not only may you gain a friend; but YOU will feel much better

With Christmas round the corner you can give the perfect gift

A little love and kindness will give anyone a lift

So when this Covid's over, and we can join in celebration

We will have a stronger village, stronger country, stronger Nation.

Posted: Fri, 27 Nov 2020 10:40 by Bob Walsh

Tags: Neighbourhood, Parish