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Halls and rooms for Hire in Snarestone Parish

Conery Pavilion

The Pavilion is situated on the village sports and recreation ground, known as The Conery, access is via a gate on the B4116 or Church Walk (behind the flats) or a pathway and stile opposite the pub.

Pavilion Letting Policy: The Pavilion, The Conery, off Main Street, Snarestone DE12 7DB

  1. The pavilion is a village asset and the aim is to encourage it to be used by villagers as much as possible.
  2. A reasonable charge will be levied for its hire for parties etc in order that it generates revenue to assist in funding its improvement and upkeep. Price: £25 exempt of marquees for half a day up to 3.5 hours), £50 for all day (up to 7 hours). £75 to include marquees (hirer erect). If erecting marquees away from the Connery, £25 for each marquee. The action group to take a deposit if hiring marquees due to their value. The Parish Council preference is that marquees do not to leave the village unless under direct supervision of a member of the parish council.
  3. A deposit will be taken where villagers wish to borrow chairs and tables to cover breakages. There will be no charge for the hire of chairs and tables.
  4. The action group are responsible for handling the money - fees will be paid into the action group account, with a quarterly report on earnings to the Parish Council, and an annual review. Zoe Davies is the treasurer for the action group and will report accordingly. Money raised from bookings will be ring-fenced for improvement of the pavilion. Income and expenditure from bookings must be transparent.
  5. Emma Broadbent is to be the liaison point with the Parish Council. The parish council is to be made aware of all works planned and to be afforded the opportunity to ask questions etc to ensure any work is done safely and to an acceptable standard, and that any planned projects are acceptable.
  6. The parish council remains responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the village asset, and will consider requests to fund paint or materials etc as required. It remains responsible overall for meeting the bills from Utility providers - water and electricity costs.
  7. The Parish Council agree to fund insurance for the pavilion and its contents, including public liability insurance for those using the pavilion.
  8. The Parish Council are responsible for mowing the Connery.
  9. The Parish Council are hopeful that eventually a contribution from earnings from bookings can be made towards the running costs and utility bills for the pavilion. As earnings from bookings are at present uncertain, any contribution from money raised from bookings will be decided at an agreed future point. The ideal position is that any increase in the running costs or any increase in the cost of insurance can be covered from money raised from bookings, however it is appreciated that bookings will be seasonal.
  10. Licences for sale of alcohol, broadcasting of films etc to be paid for and applied for where relevant by the hirer.
  11. The action group are responsible for the management of bookings. Adverts will be placed in the parish magazine and leaflets sent to the village. A booking record will be kept on Google which is visible to the parish council. Parish Council and Action Group bookings take precedence over private bookings - take care to keep dates free for village events
  12. A contract will be drawn up for those hiring the pavilion. This will require them to check any third party providers (such as bouncy castle companies etc) have relevant insurance in place as this will not be covered by the parish council insurance policy. There is a 'No smoking' rule in operation in the pavilion. A Night time curfew will be imposed of midnight. Hirers to be respectful of neighbours.
  13. Keys - an action group member will do the key handover with the hirer and will not share the key safe code. Keys must be returned by midnight. A List of key holders will be prepared. It is agreed to restrict information as to who has code - tote, parish council and action group
  14. The Action Group plan to run a number of events each year to bring together the community and will continue to be responsible for raising money to support the village events they organise. The pavilion is regularly at the heart of these events, and the aim is to continue to invest time and energy into ensuring it is maintained and usable for the good of the village.

Snarestone Conery Pavilion

Snarestone Conery pavilion interior

Snarestone Conery pavilion kitchen